Grow Your Online Exposure & Lead Conversionwith a Research-Backed Digital Marketing Strategy

Having An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy is Your Key to Online Growth

Businesses are increasingly shifting their advertising efforts and investments into digital channels. Why? More consumers are engaging in online transactions. Digital marketing offers you opportunities to overcome the traditional boundaries of doing business and tap into a global consumer market. It also provides you more efficient and accountable ways to measure your advertising performance and spend.

While most business owners today understand the necessity of having an online presence, many do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy to effectively and consistently generate new leads and clients for their business. This means that many businesses are either not doing enough or doing too much to grow their business online, without having the skills, experience, and data to determine how much to invest in digital marketing and how to allocate that investment.

Some business owners will look at the digital marketing efforts of competing businesses to see how they can duplicate on their efforts. But how sure are you that your competitors are really getting the results they want? Playing this cat and mouse chase means you will always be behind the curve and vulnerable to random results with your own marketing. If you replicate what your competition is doing and they fail, you can pretty much predict how that would impact your own business, too.

Developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business based on your goals and thresholds¬†puts you in the driver’s seat. Your digital marketing decisions and implementation are informed by clearly defined goals, research, and a strategic plan.

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Start with a Strategy that's Right for Your Business

Promoting your brand online is challenging, but highly rewarding if done right.

However, many businesses start marketing online without a strategy, or with a strategy that isn’t calibrated to their business.

In an ever-changing online marketing ecosystem, it’s also not unusual to see businesses planning and engaging in outdated practices. What worked before might not work today, and could actually work against you.¬†Channeling your time, money, and resources into the wrong marketing activities almost certainly guarantees you won’t get the results you want, while also missing out on better opportunities and approaches you could have exploited instead.

Invest in a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your business, crafted around solid industry research, and grounded in current best practices.

Advantages of Building a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Set Clearly Defined and Realistic Goals

    Setting clear and realistic goals helps you build a roadmap for your digital marketing stay on course

  • Identify Gaps in Your Current Marketing

    Evaluate what you're doing well, what should be improved, and what should be added or removed from your marketing mix

  • Target the Right Audience for Your Business

    Craft your brand messaging to specific target audiences for your business, and align your marketing approaches to them

  • Allocate Your Time and Resources Effectively

    Focus on marketing activities that lead to increased lead generation and customer acquisition

  • Optimize Your Marketing Spend

    Create a financial plan for your digital marketing strategy to ensure you're investing in the right activities within your budget

  • Generate More Leads and Sales

    Use data-driven decisions to determine how to increase lead and sales conversions through online marketing

  • Uncover Opportunities to Strengthen Your Brand

    Explore ways to improve your brand's online visibility and reputation, and how to create more engagement around it

  • Compete with Larger Companies in Your Industry

    Identify opportunities to position your business better than your competitors, and compete with industry leaders

Achieve Your Digital Marketing Goals with an Actionable Marketing Plan

eXcelebrate can help you develop an effective digital marketing strategy that encapsulates your business goals and how you will achieve them. The process involves creating roadmaps and strategies around your business goals. We take a holistic and calculated approach to crafting your strategy, understanding your current online brand positioning, priorities, and budget. We rely on data to inform your strategy and actions so that you focus on objective results and remove any personal biases that could potentially impact the performance of your marketing efforts.

Then, when you’re ready to execute, you can move forward with clarity and confidence, whether or not you wish to engage our digital marketing services team.

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What's Included in Your Digital Marketing Plan

When you partner with eXcelebrate to develop your digital marketing strategy, you will get a complete plan that charts your path to achieving your goals. Your strategy will include a fully editable document and a series of videos that help you navigate and execute your plan.

Here are the sections you will find in your tailor-made strategy:

Digital Marketing Strategy Composite

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides a high level view of your digital marketing strategy to help decision makers quickly get a sense of how the strategy aligns with business goals and how they will be achieved.

Business Goals

Your strategy will be informed by your business goals and measured against them. We ensure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time Limited (SMART) to aim for the best possible chance for success with your strategy implementation.

Competitor Analysis

You will have a clear understanding of who your online competitors are, what digital marketing channels they are employing, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. We also take a depp dive into their brand positioning and what differentiates them in their messaging and deliverability.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis gives you an honest and objective assessment of your business in relation to your market. This will help you develop your digital marketing plan to cater to your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities, and proactively minimize the impact of threats to your business.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is about getting crystal clear with your brand messaging, as well as your organizational vision and values. This helps to establish your unique position in the market, offering tangibles and intangibles that your competition doesn’t.

Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas reflect the type of person who is most likely to buy from you. Even though your products or services may solve a singular problem, different target buyers may have their own unique reasons to buy them. Understanding these differences in buyer characteristics and motivations can helps you understand who you are targeting each segment uniquely and craft your messaging for each.

Digital Channels

Once you have evaluated the online positioning of your brand in contrast to your competitors, and have achieved clarity about your target audience, it’s important to identify which digital channels will be most effective to engage and move them through your marketing funnel. These channels will become the focus of your online marketing strategy and achieving your business goals.

Marketing Strategy

Your online marketing strategy is developed around the digital channels you have identified. This is where your action plans are formulated. Looking at each channel you have prioritized for your marketing efforts, your marketing strategy details the various action plans you will need to implement to achieve your goals, who will be responsible for each action, and timelines for launching and completing your campaigns.

Performance Measurement

Measuring the performance of your marketing strategy helps you understand how close or far off you are from your goals, how effective your efforts have been, and what optimizations you need to make to calibrate your strategy towards achieving your goals. Your decisions should be backed by data you can draw from the performance of your online marketing campaigns.

Marketing Budget

The budget will determine how much money you have allocated towards your digital marketing activities. The budget is derived from your current financial position, your position within your industry, past performance, your goals, and the profitability of each strategy.

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Important Steps We Take to When Formulating Your Strategy

Website Audit

Our website audit assesses the performance of your website against criteria ranging from user experience to performance and security. We do this to ensure there are no issues impacting your website's visibility, performance, or compliance.

SEO Audit

Our SEO audit analyzes how your website content performs in search engines. We evaluate crucial on-page and off-page factors to see how your website is performing in search results. We also audit your Google Business Profile (GBP).

eCommerce Audit

If your business runs an eCommerce website, we also analyze your eCommerce setup for performance, security, user experience, and SEO. Beyond the technicals, we also look at opportunities to promote your products online.

SEO Keyword Strategy

The SEO Keyword Strategy we develop for your business is built upon extensive keyword research for optimal keywords related to your brand, industry, and user intent. This lays the foundation for a solid SEO content strategy.

SEO Content Strategy

Our SEO Content Strategy identifies the pain points and needs of your target audience. We examine the topics your audience is searching for to develop a content blueprint. Diving into your website analytics, we look at how to create content that is authoritative, compelling, well-researched, and has high-ranking potential in search engines.

Link Building Strategy

Our SEO Audit helps us understand your website's current link profile and explore opportunities to improve the quality of links pointing to your website. Then we develop your Link Building Strategy based on both your and your competitors' link profiles to generate quality backlinks that conform to search engine standards.

SEM Strategy

If done effectively, pay per click advertising can quickly generate new leads to your business via your website. It can also help to improve brand awareness and encourage repeat business. Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategy will assess your current situation and identify the best path to set up ad campaigns for your business.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media can be resource-intensive with unpredictable results. Yet, a well-planned Social Media Strategy can uncover ways to connect with your target user base, build an engaged community around your brand, and run viral campaigns that can generate new leads and sales for your business.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is about defining goals and establishing guidelines for protecting your online brand reputation. It's important to monitor what people are saying about your brand, so you can instill trust, demonstrate accountability, and uncover improvement opportunities.