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Whereas Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can deliver a long-term ROI for your brand, Pay Per Click Marketing can yield immediate results for your business. Paid search advertising can position your brand to convert targeted search users into leads and customers. It can also increase your brand exposure.

Achieving success with pay per click marketing is increasingly challenging. The exponential growth of businesses competing for revenue via paid search, combined with the ever-evolving nature of the Internet, makes devising a profitable strategy complex. With the help of our qualified PPC experts, your business can achieve a substantial ROI with paid search.

Why Pay Per Click Marketing is Effective for Lead Generation

Pay Per Click Marketing is a highly effective method for growing your business and increasing your brand exposure. PPC advertising can deliver fast results with a high, measurable ROI. The greatest advantages of PPC marketing are: 

Start Immediately

PPC marketing has a low barrier to entry. You can start at any time and display your ads soon after, competing with advertisers who have been at it for years.

Increase Brand Visibility

Create awareness of your products and services by displaying ads to your target audience in search engines, partner websites, apps, or social platforms.

Target Specific Audiences

Display your ads and tailor them to specific demographic segments. Choose to display your ads on specific days, times, locations, and device types.

Get Rapid Results

PPC advertising offers the distinct advantage of producing fast results. Your ads can convert within days of going live, generating leads or sales to your business.

Control Your Ad Spend

Set up ad spend limits to maintain control over how much you spend per day or month, per keyword or per ad. You decide how much to spend given your budget.

Grow Your Traffic

PPC advertising is an excellent strategy for attracting more targeted visitors to your website, particularly when combined with organic search marketing.

Gain Insightful Data

Running PPC campaigns will give you the information to help you understand how to optimize your conversion rate and improve your ads, landing pages, and calls to action.

Discover Opportunities

Paid search campaigns can help you uncover opportunities such as improving your offers, optimizing your pricing, and enhancing customer experience.

Tailor Your Ads

Tailor ads to your target audience by keywords, demographics, location, language, time of day, or device type. Determine your daily and monthly budget.

What is the Difference between Organic and Paid Search?

Organic search, also referred to as SEO, is the foundation of search engines like Google. People use search engines to ask questions, confirm information, perform research, and find businesses and services. The search results that appear once a user submits a search query are what the search engine considers to be the most relevant to the user based on a number of factors, including the user’s location. Organic search results can be any page of any website that is determined to be relevant to the user who has performed the search query.

Search terms focused on products or services are typically monetized with advertisements appearing above (and sometimes below) organic search results. Unlike organic search results, advertisers pay for their ad placement based on the search terms they are targeting and their bid. The most common monetization for these ads is pay per click – the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on the ad. Pay per click ads are displayed based on their relevance the user’s search query. Additionally, paid search ads can be targeted to specific locations, days and times, and device types. They can also be limited to display within an advertiser’s daily budget. Ads can be displayed on search results, social media sites like YouTube, website pages, and mobile apps.

Paid and Organic SERP

Which Digital Marketing Channel is the Right Choice for Your Business?

Your digital marketing strategy the channels you invest in will depend on a range of criteria, beginning the demographics of your target audience and how they engage online. You may conclude that one or the other, or even a combined search strategy, is the way to go.

SEO vs PPC Comparison

Pay Per Click Marketing

  • Decent ROI with Quick Results

    Where SEO takes considerable time to build up before you start seeing tangible results, PPC can deliver quick returns on your investment.

  • Easier to Test & Optimize for Conversion

    PPC can be measured and optimized through A/B testing and conversion tracking. Conversions from SEO is harder to measure.

  • Offers Insights to Build SEO Strategy

    PPC can provide deep insights into usability, messaging, and other conversion drivers that can help you formulate a stronger SEO strategy.

  • Ongoing Investment to Maintain ROI

    PPC marketing works - as long as you keep paying for ads. Once you stop, so does your traffic. Conversely, SEO drives organic traffic long after your initial investment.

  • Increasing Ad Spend with Competition

    More businesses competing in your market drives up PPC ad costs, requiring more budget and savvy marketing skills

  • Delivers Less Traffic than SEO

    Over the long-term, SEO can consistently bring more visitors to your website than PPC, if implemented correctly. This is also because most users ignore paid search ads altogether.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Unmatched Long-term Traffic & ROI

    Well-crafted articles with strong backlink profiles can remain at the top of search results for years, delivering increasing ROI and steady traffic.

  • Establishes Brand Authority

    Most search engine users click on organic search results relevant to their search. A strong SEO presence helps you build higher authority in your niche.

  • Captures Users at All Buying Stages

    While PPC is ideal for users who are at the ready to buy stage, SEO can help you capture people who are at any stage of their buying journey.

  • Requires Considerable Time

    SEO requires a considerable investment of time and patience before results are evident, though worthwhile. PPC can deliver results immediately.

  • Difficult to Measure Short-term ROI

    In the early stages of executing SEO, measuring ROI and conversion is difficult. PPC offers immediate, actionable data.

  • Higher Upfront Investment

    SEO involves upfront content development and back linking. Though cost-effective in the long-term, the initial cost is higher than PPC.

Different PPC Ad Types You Can Leverage to Grow Your Business

Various types of PPC advertising options are available to you depending on your business goals and needs. We work closely with you to identify which ad types will best fit your business and accomplish your goals.

Search Ads

Search Ads appear in search results and are ideal for generating leads. Search Ads work well for targeting people already searching within your niche as well as your own product and service offerings. These are text only ads which can be extended with calls to action such as click to call and site links.

Display Ads

Display Ads appear on websites that have partnered with Google. These ads are displayed based on relevance to the topic and content of the web page. Display Ads offer broader opportunities to gain brand exposure in your niche. Both images and text can be used in these ads.

Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads are available to certain businesses that provide local services. To be eligible for these ads, you need to complete a verification process to become a Google Guaranteed business. Ads work on a pay per lead model, which means you only pay if a customer contacts you through the ad,

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads display your ads to people who have previously visited your website. They are an effective method for reminding these users to take action and are thus excellent at increasing conversions. They are also more cost effective and less competitive than other ad types.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads appear in videos, and search results on the platform, as well as on videos displayed on partner websites in Google's Display Network. As more people consume video content, YouTube Ads are an effective way to advertise your brand to your target audience while watching videos.

Google Shopping Ads

If you are running an eCommerce business, then Google Shopping Ads can bring your products to the search engine results page, gain more exposure, and compel users to take immediate action. These ads are also more likely to convert, as the user sees all shopping ads before clicking on your ad.

How We Help You Implement Pay Per Click Advertising Successfully

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Our PPC marketing team conducts a discovery session with your team to learn more about your business, current marketing activities, and goals with PPC. During this session, you will also learn what possible approaches to executing a PPC strategy are best for your business.


Our PPC team performs keyword research for your business to understand the competitive landscape, keyword cost per click, and other important information about your niche, audience, and competition. This research informs your budget and strategy.


Your PPC advertising budget is determined by both your company's financial capacity as well as the cost per click for your target keywords. Examining these two we agree on a daily and monthly budget to start with, including campaign setup and management fees.


We formulate a PPC strategy for your business based on your goals, keyword research, target audience, and budget, and what ad types will deliver the best possible results. Your PPC strategy guides the setup and execution of your ad campaigns.

Ad Copy

One of the most important factors to the success of your PPC advertising is how compelling your ad copy is, and how effectively it resonates with your target audience's problems, needs, and desired outcomes. Well-crafted ad copy achieves high clickthrough and conversion rates.


Once the groundwork has been laid, our team proceeds to set up your PPC campaigns based on your target keywords, budget, and other variables such as locations, times of day and relevant ad extensions to include like call buttons or site links.

A/B Test

We create multiple variations of your ads and rotate them to test which variations produce  higher clickthrough and conversion rates. We experiment with various aspects such as headlines, copy, images, calls to action, and extensions to see which variations perform better.


One of the benefits of PPC is that you can test and measure the performance of your ads, and optimize for higher clickthrough and conversion rates. Conversion rate optimization is achieved through A/B testing and conversion tracking.

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