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SEO Long Term Performance

Leverage the Long-term Value of Organic Search for Your Business

Using paid search (PPC) can be an excellent way to promote your business and attract new leads and clients. It can provide a steady return on your investment (ROI). However, you must keep spending on ads to reap the benefits of PPC. Organic search (SEO), on the other hand, offers a higher ROI over the long-term. Search engines rely on highly relevant and credible information, but they also need your advertising dollars to fund their growth and subsidize search results. Long after your ad campaigns have ended, high authority content continues to appear at the top of search results. Where PPC can provide a quick and effective short-term ROI, organic search can give you a long-term ROI with a higher click-through-rate and increasing returns over time.

How Effective is SEO at Generating Traffic to Your Website?

According to research conducted by BrightEdge, organic search outperforms all other digital channels, generating 5x as much traffic as paid search, and 10x more than social media. Drawing from these findings, SEO generates more traffic than all other sources combined.

Source: BrightEdge

The BrightEdge study also analyzed the revenue performance of digital channels in 5 industries. With the exception of the Media & Entertainment industry, SEO generated the most revenue. The findings clearly show that organic search consistently produces a superior ROI than other digital channels, and should take priority in your digital marketing strategy. Your business needs SEO.

Source: BrightEdge

More Reasons SEO is Hands Down the Most Valuable Digital Marketing Channel

  • Combined Search Traffic is 76% of Trackable Traffic

    Consumers trust Google and rely on it more than display and social. [BrightEdge]

  • 70% - 80% of Users Ignore Paid Ads Altogether

    Organic search is crucial to your marketing. Between 70% and 80% of users completely ignore paid search ads. [Search Engine Land]

  • 76% of People who Search Something 'Nearby' on a Smartphone Visit within 1 Day

    More than ¾ of people visit a business within one day of performing a 'nearby' search. 28% of these result in a purchase. [Google]

  • Nearly 60% of Top 10 Results are 3 or More Years Old

    Organic content stands the test of time. Approximately 60% of the top 10 pages in search results are at least 3 years old. [Ahrefs]

  • Backlinks have the Highest Correlation to Rankings in Google

    The number of domains linking to page has the highest correlation of any ranking factor in Google. [Backlinko]

How We Help You Achieve High Ranking Organic Search Content

eXcelebrate provides SEO solutions for businesses that want to grow their online presence, attract more leads, and increase revenue. Our goal is to help you resonate with your target audience, rank on the first page of search results, and establish authority with your target audience.

Many businesses undervalue organic search while overvaluing other channels such as paid search and social. This ultimately results in a cycle of spending with few long-term gains and an underwhelming ROI.

SEO is no longer optional if you want to establish a solid, long-term foothold in your niche. Our experience implementing full-scale SEO can help you highlight your brand to your search audience through every stage of the user journey. In turn, your business becomes a trusted, well-known authority for buyers throughout the sales funnel.

Improve Your Search Rankings and Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Keyword & Content Strategy

We assess your niche and audit your website to understand your current SEO performance. We then perform keyword research to identify the best opportunities for you to succeed, and create a roadmap and action plans to get you there.

Conversion Strategy

Your ultimate goal with SEO is to attract new leads and grow your business. With this in mind, we help you develop a strategy for moving visitors to your website into your sales funnel, and increasing their lifetime value in your business.

Content Writing

At the heart of SEO is content that is highly relevant to the user's search query. It is informative, authentic,  well-researched, and share-worthy. And it answers questions and offers solutions. Our experienced team of writers cover all of these bases for you.

Link Building

A solid link building strategy is crucial to SEO. Our link outreach services help you develop a natural link profile with inbound links from high authority websites. This is an arduous but necessary component of SEO that  can yield an incredible ROI.

On-Page SEO

Beyond delivering highly relevant content to your audience, we optimize your web pages and content to satisfy search engine best practices. These include correctly styled headings, proper HTML tagging, and optimization of images.

Technical SEO

Your website's performance can impact your rankings in search engines, as well as the experience of your users. Our team works on improving your website's performance on both desktop and mobile devices, to deliver a faster, non-distracting browsing experience.

Local SEO

46% of all searches on Google are for local businesses or services [Search Engine Roundtable]. Local SEO should be factored into your content strategy and website structure. You should also have an optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) to help searchers find and contact you via local search queries.

Reputation Management

According to Google, 53% of shoppers say they always do research before they buy to ensure they are making the best possible choice. We help you improve your online reputation to foster a positive perception around your brand. Neglecting this can be disastrous to your brand image.

Make SEO a Priority for Your Business and Reap its Long-term Rewards

SEO Top Inbound Priority

There is no silver bullet to succeeding with online marketing for your business. All options must be carefully examined as part of your digital marketing strategy, However, when it comes to long-term ROI, there is no better strategy to strengthen your brand and attract new leads than organic search. People use search to find answers to their questions, locate businesses and services near them, and find out what other people are saying about a topic. 

You can take full advantage knowing this to position your business as a highly credible and familiar name to your target audience. No other digital channel, be it paid search or social, can provide the rewards that SEO can, if done effectively.

Our team of SEO experts can help you develop and implement your SEO strategy to accomplish your long-term online business goals.

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