Website Audits Help You Discover Opportunities For Growth

Uncover Opportunities To Optimize Your Website and Drive Growth

A website audit can be useful in diagnosing important issues that may be affecting your website. These include issues such as speed, user experience, mobile responsiveness, security, accessibility, and more.

Whether your website has been online for years or months, there are always opportunities for changes that can lead to significant improvements to your website’s performance, security, and compliance.

Many of the problems diagnosed in a website audit will have a direct impact on the experience users have with your website. Understanding what these issues are and having a roadmap for fixing them can lead to higher conversion rates driving more revenue and helping to minimize losses.

eXcelebrate will conduct a thorough audit of your website covering nine different areas. At the end of this audit, you will receive a detailed report covering what issues were found and an actionable assessment with recommendations for improvement.

What You Learn about Your Website

Frequently Asked Questions

A website audit typically takes approximately 30-45 days. If you need a website audit done urgently, it is possible to have the website audit completed in 1-2 weeks for an additional fee.

The actual timeframe to complete the audit will also depend on the size and complexity of your website.

The price of a full website audit depends on the size and complexity of your website. Our starting fee for a full website audit is $1,000. Please contact us for specific pricing.

Website audits are much like maintaining a car. You want to keep your car running smooth and avoid unnecessary risks due to negligence. The Internet is constantly evolving, and so should your website..

An annual audit is recommended as a minimum, to ensure your site is performing optimally. Larger websites, particularly e-commerce websites, should consider performing audits twice a year.

Firstly, your primary competitors are most likely performing audits for their websites. That in itself is justification for performing audits for your website. A slow website, poor user experience, broken links, complicated navigation and unintuitive product search engine are examples of why visitors leave a website and purchase from a competitor. Despite having a stellar product or service, your website may be causing you to lose valuable business opportunities. 

Discover Opportunities to Improve Your Site Traffic and Conversions

Identify critical issues, errors, warnings, and improvement opportunities with your website to improve your search rankings.