Compliance with Privacy and Data Protection Laws

User Privacy Protection is a Global and Evolving Landscape

Just because there’s a template privacy policy on your website, that does not mean your website complies with the relevant privacy laws in various jurisdictions. As privacy laws are continuously evolving, how can you be sure that your website is compliant, and not risking privacy lawsuits?

Many website owners falsely believe that the existence of a privacy policy copied from some template is sufficient to cover themselves from legal liability. Sadly, not only is this untrue, it’s all too common, amidst increasing measures to protect users’ privacy and how their data is collected and stored.

As a business owner, you’re understandably focused on running your business and have little time to monitor whether you are complying or running afoul of the various privacy laws that may impact you and your business. Suddenly, you’re faced with a lawsuit for failing to comply, and what seemed like a low priority issue for your business is now a legal and financial burden, not to mention the potential damages to your brand’s reputation and loss of trust with consumers.

All of this can be avoided without expensive ongoing legal fees. We have partnered with compliance solutions providers with international legal expertise to help you incorporate policies and measures to track user consent for data collection and retention.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that your business is free from legal risk because you have a privacy policy in place. Privacy laws and how they apply to you and your business are constantly evolving, and so too should your measures to ensure your website is compliant.

Primary Legal Requirements for Website Owners

Privacy Policy

You get a self-updating privacy policy crafted by an international legal team with expertise is privacy law.

Cookie Policy

You get a cookie policy that keeps you compliant with data consent laws in various countries.

EU Cookie Law

You will stay fully compliant with the EU cookie law and remain up-to-date with the many complex provisions.

Terms and Conditions

You get a Terms and Conditions policy optimized for all website types that protect you and your business.

GDPR Consent Records

You get easy to manage GDPR privacy and consent records keeping you in compliance with the law.

CCPA Disclosures

You get a cookie banner allowing you to collect consent from users to meet all CCPA standards.

How We Help You Make Your Website Compliant with Privacy Laws

Implement Legal Documents

We take care of the implementation of major legal documents including your privacy policy, terms of conditions, and cookie policy.

Set Up Compliance Dashboard

We set up an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard for you to manage all of your documents and find reports for compliance purposes.

Built with Legal Expertise

We work with international legal experts familiar with privacy laws such as the GDPR, the CCPA, and similar laws to keep you protected.

Monitor and Update Policies

We make it easy to continuously monitor your legal documents and policies and update them as your website grows so you stay compliant with the law.

Protect Your Users. Protect Your Business.

Incorporating legal policies on your website that comply with current legislation that applies to your business is a smart move.