SMART WordPress Maintenance Plans to Protect Your Online Business

You've Invested in a Website. Now it's Time to Protect Your Investment.

A website is an investment of time and money. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to recognize the importance of protect their website from unexpected and untimely incidents, resulting in potentially thousands of lost dollars in lost revenue, countless hours of lost time and effort, and a weakened brand image.

How much would it cost your business if:

  • Your website was hacked or infected with malware?
  • Your host server was suddenly compromised and your website went offline for several hours?
  • Important website elements break due to updates to WordPress, plug-ins and themes?
  • Your staff had to manage all of these tasks in-house in addition to their other, more important priorities?

Websites are organic and often complex ecosystems that need to be maintained once they go live. Because we recognize how difficult and tedious it can be for businesses to maintain and protect their website investments, we offer extensive Wordpress support via three distinct care plans.

WordPress Website Maintenance Plans



$ 117
Per Month

This plan is ideal for small websites with minimal content volume and infrequent updates.
Not eligible for e-commerce websites.

Billed quarterly at $351.
Price includes support for 1 website.
  • Weekly theme, plugin & core updates
  • Full daily offsite backup
  • 90 days of historical offsite backups
  • Site security review and hardening
  • Security monitoring
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Website disaster recovery
  • Daily site performance checks
  • Detailed monthly reports
  • Legal policy solution ($100/year value)


$ 287
Per Month

This plan is ideal for medium to large websites with frequent updates and larger content volume.
Includes priority support.

Billed quarterly at $861.
Price includes support for 1 website.
  • Everything in Plus +
  • Automatic malware scan
  • Automatic malware removal
  • Unlimited malware removal
  • Page speed optimization
  • Analytics + Search Console integration
  • Lead generation tools
  • Unlimited website content edits
  • Product management - up to 100
  • Annual website audit


$ 647
Per Month

This plan is ideal for large websites that need ongoing updates, development, optimization and consultation.
Includes priority support.

Billed quarterly at $1941.
Price includes support for 1 website.
  • Everything in Pro +
  • 5 hours of development and consulting
  • Real-time offsite backups
  • Website firewall
  • Image optimization
  • Analytics + Search Console support
  • Advanced cookieless analytics & heatmapping
  • Accessibility solution ($500/year value)
  • Product management - up to 500
  • Quarterly website audit

Key Features of Our Care Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

eXcelebtrate managed care plans are for all websites built on WordPress. While managed care plans are geared towards clients whose websites we’ve designed, we are happy to offer other website owners long-term personalized and hands-on support. For website owners coming in from other agencies or individual web designers, we recommend first conducting a site audit to ensure everything is running correctly.

Your website will undergo all minor and major core updates as well as regular theme and installed plugin updates. All commercial themes and plugins will require a valid license to keep properly updated.

Reliable plug-ins and themes are frequently updated, introducing new features and bug fixes, but can sometimes also introduce new bugs. We perform updates weekly so that it happens outside of your peak business hours, and to allow time for quick releases to address known bugs. Plug-ins or themes with known vulnerabilities are typically updated as soon as possible to prevent your website from being exploited. If your website is running advanced features such as WooCommerce, additional planning and testing may be required before performing updates, to ensure your website continues to operate optimally.

Good question. Many hosting services perform full backups of your account or website. However, if your hosting service is vulnerable to an attack or goes offline, you will likely lose access to both your website and any backups performed by your host. Regular offsite backups ensure you have an up-to-date copy of your website independent of your hosting provider to create a safety net. As an added benefit, eXcelebrate stores up to 90 days of offsite backups of your website vs the traditional 30 days by hosting providers. Finally, unlike backup tools offered by hosting companies, we take a backup of your site before updating any plug-ins or themes. This means we can promptly roll back your website to its previously functioning state if the update causes your website to break.

Your managed website care plan is designed to prevent your website from experiencing excessive downtime, hacks, or breakages. However, if any of these occur, we will work on resolving the issues as fast as possible. With a managed care plan your website will perform optimally in most situations. Some factors such as your web hosting provider going offline can still cause downtime and are beyond our control. If you have subscribed to our Pro or Premium Plans, we will work on restoring your site at no additional cost to you. If you are a Plus Plan subscriber and require malware removal, we will provide an estimate of the removal cost.

While our plans are primarily designed to ensure your website is optimized for speed, performance, stability and security, our Pro and Premium plans also include unlimited edits to your website content.

Edits include:

  • Content edits
  • Changing theme or plugin configuration
  • CSS edits

Edits do not include:

  • Adding or changing custom code
  • Customizing any functionality or features of your website
  • Creating new content such as image or graphic design, and copywriting
  • Developing a new website including on subdomains or landing pages

Requests for content edits should provide complete information for the content to be added or edited, including images, copy, product specifications, prices, etc.

We aim to complete all requested edits within 1-2 business days after receiving your request.
Timeframes to complete edit requests can vary, however, depending on the number and type of edits requested, as well as our current workload.

Yes! Pro and Premium plan subscribers receive unlimited content edits.  Product management support is also included in these plans. Pro plan subscribers get product management support for up to 100 products, and Premium plan subscribers for up to 500 products. Product management covers adding and removing products, and editing existing product content.

Our Premium Plan has been designed specifically for clients who are running e-commerce websites built on WordPress.

Ecommerce websites typically have advanced functionality requiring more resources to manage. It’s important to make sure you are on the right plan to ensure your website is fast, secure, and operating smoothly and uninterrupted.

We currently do not offer web hosting with any of our plans because we recognize that every business has unique needs and budgets for hosting their websites.

If you need an affordable and reliable web hosting solution, we highly recommend Siteground.

Our business hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (EST). Except for emergency cases such as an offline website, we support most issues related to your website during your non-business hours to avoid any disruption to your website during business hours, if your  business is based in USA, Canada, UK, or Europe. If you submit a support request outside of our business hours, we will attempt to resolve them on the next business day.

You will be billed monthly or yearly, on the date you purchased this service.

Currently, you may pay using your credit card or PayPal account. If you need an invoice, please contact us at

After subscribing to a managed care plan, you'll receive a welcome email from us detailing how to get started.

Once we receive all of the necessary information and credentials from you, we can get started managing your website. Depending on how quickly we receive the required information, we can usually get you fully set up within 48 hours.

Yes! If one of our plans doesn't meet your specific business needs, reach out to us at, or book a call with us.

You can cancel any time, and we'll continue to provide the services included in your plan up to the end of the period which you have paid for. After that, we will remove all backups and any credentials you provided to us relating to your website.

Protect Your Website. Avoid Costly Downtime and Data Loss.

Get started with a WordPress managed care plan to make sure your website stays optimized, protected, and properly maintained.

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What People Say About Us

After designing two E-commerce websites for us, we decided to get on the eXcelebrate Care Plan for peace of mind knowing that our websites are backed up daily on remote servers, and all plug-ins and themes are updated safely. Leaving this to eXcelebrate has allowed us to focus on growing our business.

Karan Kapur

Urban Woodcraft

The eXcelebrate team came through for us when we had a website that was broken, hacked, and not maintained. After redesigning our website, we signed up for their Care Plan service without hesitation. Our website has been a very useful lead generation asset for us. The Care Plan protects us from losing potential sales.

Sebastien Leblond

NLP Top Coach

We didn't even know our website was hacked until the eXcelebrate team showed us the hack and how it was impacting our search engine visibility and reputation. After cleaning the malware, we got on their Care Plan service knowing we're in good hands. eXcelebrate is now our exclusive digital agency partner.

Johnny Lalani

6ix Signs