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Outdated Website Content Might Seem Like a Minor Issue.But Minor Issues Can Have Serious Impacts to Your Business.

Is your website content out of date? Are you struggling to manage your website content and keep it refreshed? We understand. We see this regularly with clients we work with. Content on your website can rapidly become outdated because you have more important, or more urgent tasks to complete. Days become weeks, and weeks become months. Suddenly, your website is riddled with information that’s obsolete or no longer relevant.

Content like:

  • Discontinued products or services
  • Deprecated features
  • Expired offers and campaigns
  • Events that are past their dates still appearing on landing pages
  • Outdated logos, colors, and other visual elements no longer aligned to your branding
  • Glaring and embarrassing spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
Sure, you’ve got more pressing matters on the ground. We understand. But these seemingly minor website content issues could be impacting your business in major ways.

Say, for example, a visitor orders a product on your website. Feeling excited about the product they just ordered, they’re anticipating all the benefits they’ll get from their purchase. Unfortunately, that product has been discontinued, and you didn’t get around to removing it from your site. Now, this too has become a pressing matter. You have to explain that they won’t be getting the product they’ve just purchased because it is no longer available. You’ll have to apologize and offer a solution, if you can. You’ll have to offer a refund. And now you’ve potentially lost a customer. If you’re lucky, they won’t be telling their friends and family about this undesirable experience, or worse, leaving a negative review about your business.

This is just one example, but you can already see how outdated or erroneous content on your site can lead to larger, more serious problems.


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* Most edit requests can be processed within 48 hours of receiving final content from you. Complex edits may take longer and we’ll let you know when that’s the case.

Our Content Refresh Plans Are So AffordableThey're Practically No-Brainers

Our content refresh plans cost way less than a full or part-time employee. For about $8 per day, you have a team dedicated to keeping your website headings, text, media, links, and calls to action fresh. With practically no learning curve, little to no training required, and a fully trackable commenting system allowing you to request edits right on your website and track their progress, your site visitors can feel more confident and take decisive action knowing the information is accurate and current.


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  • Unlimited Edit Requests
  • You Supply All Content
  • Request Edits Directly On Element
  • Comment On Each Edit Request
  • Track All Activity, Progress & Status
  • Streamline Communication