Is Your WordPress Website Not Working Normally?Let Us Diagnose & Repair Your Site

Powering More than 40% of All WebsitesWordPress Comes with Both Benefits & Risks

Few content management systems (CMS) come close to WordPress in terms of popularity, and that popularity seems to be growing. That’s because WordPress has a gigantic ecosystem of software and developers that empower you to tailor your site in very specific ways that meet your needs. And because it’s a widely used open source platform, you’ll find it easy to hire developers to customize your site, and your content team will most likely be familiar with its interface.

Still, WordPress is also an easy target for hackers and malware, due to its popularity and open source nature. What this means is that your WordPress site needs to be maintained and secured. If your site is hosted on an unsecured, low quality hosting service, it is prone to becoming infected or hacked along with other websites hosted on that same shared server. If there are no security systems in place, it will eventually become a target for hackers seeking out websites with security vulnerabilities. And, if your WordPress software isn’t regularly updated, or your site was built using pirated software, your chances of being hacked increase manifold.

Something's Not Right with Your WordPress SiteWe Can Help You Find Out Why and Get It Working Again

We can’t tell you how many people we’ve encountered whose WordPress website had been hacked and no longer accessible. Besides the loss of their investment in the website itself, lost business opportunities, loss of reputation, and lost data (both the business and that of their users) are serious consequences that can be prevented.

Many business owners think such a thing wouldn’t happen to them. Unfortunately, this is no different than a home owner thinking they don’t need to insure their home against theft or fire. It’s this sort of risky thinking – or lack of awareness – that makes your WordPress website a target. By investing a small amount in WordPress maintenance, you can prevent such catastrophic events and focus on growing your business.

If your WordPress site is not functioning as it should, we can do our best to help you restore its functional state while attempting to minimize loss. In minor situations, this can be as simple as updating, replacing, or removing WordPress plugins. In more serious circumstances, this may mean malware removal and site hardening. Of course, in the worst scenario, you may need to rebuild your site from scratch.

How It Works

To identify the causes and what can be done, we need to access your site and investigate the issue. As this involves considerable time and effort on our part, we charge a $200 non-refundable diagnostic fee.

If the issues are minor, we’ll resolve them as we identify them within the $200 fee and inform you what the issues were and how we resolved them. Complex issues require significantly more effort, and thus, additional fees. Before proceeding, we will let you know what we have identified, what are the possible solutions, and an estimate of the work. If you decide to move forward, the additional fees must be paid before we proceed. If, for any reason, the issues affecting your site are irreparable, the additional fees will be refunded or, if you choose, credited towards a new website we build for you.

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Typical Issues

WordPress website malfunctions, malware, and other exploits are typically caused by:

  • WordPress, themes, or plugins not updated
  • Pirated themes or plugins containing exploits
  • Compatibility issues between one or more active plugins
  • Incorrect or incorrectly placed custom code
  • Malware or exploits on your host provider’s servers

What Happens After Your Site is Restored

Once site has been restored to a normal functioning state, we may recommend specific measures on your part to prevent these issues from reoccurring. It is then up to you to decide whether to follow our recommendations.

Keep in mind that a WordPress website is not a static asset – there’s no set it and forget it with it. The flexibility and versatility you get with WordPress also comes with regular software updates that introduce new functionality, remove deprecated functionality, optimize code, and resolve bugs and security vulnerabilities. Therefore, software needs to be regularly updated.

Multiple users can be added to the WordPress CMS with varying levels of access, and these users can make changes to the site.

For this reason, our WordPress diagnosis and repair service is provided as is and comes with no warranties. If you think you need ongoing support, we offer WordPress maintenance plans that are affordable and provide in-depth support in addition to the preventive measures we take.